For dealers

Why is it profitable for you.

  We provide full support:

☑ training (remotely, in person, in any convenient way);

☑ advertising products (printed, electronic, branding of vehicles, banners, banners, etc.);

☑ promotions;

☑ protection against dumping (When an exclusive agreement is signed, we will not let anyone into this territory);

☑ provide free products for testing;


Direct deliveries – you purchase products directly from the manufacturer;

Delivery – We deliver in any way convenient for you;

All products are certified (ISO 9001: 2015);

 A wide range allows you to satisfy all the need for detergents:

☑for the food industry;

☑ for cleaning;

☑for engineering, energy, mining;

☑ building chemistry;

☑ auto chemical goods.

Flexible skid system;

There is no reference to volumes.

 Requirements for partners:


☑ Availability of storage facilities;

☑Existence of firms.



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