Our Company


“Green World Group  Eco “ Ltd. is an official representative of  “Green World Group “ Ltd.  “Green  world group “ Ltd  is detergents, washing and cleaning products manufacturer under the trademark “Mister Eco Green”. The trademark is patented in all Europe.

Green World Group Ltd. has developed a wide range of products that meet the requirements of all end users, large commercial and industrial sites. The main goal of the company is to take care of the people and the environment where we live, to satisfy all needs and to facilitate them in their hectic daily lives.

Green World Group Ltd. can execute individual orders for certain types of preparations for all types of industries / airports, factories, hotels, auto-factories, hospitals, schools etc. /

The location of the company and the availability of its own transport guarantee an optimally efficient logistics for every part of the country. The company has its own production base in Topoli village , Varna region , where we are  equipped with high quality machines.