Auto detregent

Car care in the modern world is impossible to imagine without the perfect detergents. The main goal is to care for all vehicles and containers for transportation of petroleum products, various equipment and infrastructure are degreaser, professional concentrated detergent for car washing and detergent for machine-washing gearboxes and machine spaces on ships.

To help you meet this challenge, auto chemical and home detergents manufactured by Mister Eko Green will always help.

First in the modern world is the question of the environmental friendliness of these products, the guarantee of safety in use and disposal – along with quality! All products manufactured under our brand are certified and manufactured to the highest environmental standards in the European Union. The ratio of the quality of the products for auto chemical and household chemicals manufactured by Green Word Group Eco to the price makes these degreasers and shampoos for contactless washing out of competition in the market! Especially for your convenience and mobility of use – the packaging of our products are made in boxes of 20 and 5 liters.

Use for your car or in production! Order online or mobile application and be sure that you will get excellent results with contactless washing. Buy and know that investing in the development and accomplishment of cleaner and cheaper means for washing vehicles, machinery and ships! You can always count on a good result when using Mr. Eco Green’s auto chemicals!

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Showing all 7 results